In my top 5

This house feels like a newer listing and so I think that’s why is has fewer reviews. It deserves a detailed review, for its hard working hosts and the folks working hard to vacation and use its services. By default I’d say this place is just wonderful. In terms of size it’s a bit smaller but it is well appointed and feels roomy. The sofa bed is very comfortable so it can be counted as a fully functional sleeping arrangement if you are more than 2 persons or 1 couple. It has 1 toilet and 2 separate bathrooms with showers, so 3 total bathroom areas. This was very nice for my wife and I to have separate shower areas. The showers are roomy enough to be comfortable and hot water services work perfectly. Noise levels: This one is really important for me when selecting an Airbnb because I am a light sleeper and people often neglect to mention the noise or lack there of. I slept well, but there was a little noise. To elaborate this is a ground floor apartment, however the upstairs neighbors cannot be heard at all, because of how this building was constructed. However from the bedroom in the later morning you can hear some footsteps from the stairs leading to apartments adjacent to this one. It’s pretty minor and there are fans for noise cancellation. Even still it’s a pretty quiet location. No traffic no voices no music etc. Leading me to the location description. Step just outside and you’ll hear children and people and music playing while they hang laundry or walk by on the street corner about 150 feet away or 50 meters. It’s very charming, there are plants and flowers and lovely architecture in this cove. The building is tucked back in a dead end alley of sorts or very small street mostly only scooters or small cars could even access tho there is no reason for them to. Not sure about parking but we did not rent a car and I would advise against it. The metro is literally 2 minutes away and it’s so much fun and so darn easy!! METRO TIP: Zones 1, 2 and 3 are the only zones you’re likely to travel within the metro to the tourist spots, so when you touch screens for tickets select the Moblipas, which is a pass that expires are midnight. You can pick the zones you will travel and then validate. It’s about 10 euro for the day and you can use it as much as you want. Sometimes Uber has a hard time finding the place because of the way maps routes you there so we walked out from the building go left to the cross road then right to the corner pub and Uber from there. This is a main road caddy corner to a nice grocery store. It’s literally 1 minutes from the door step. When we arrived we were very pleasantly surprised because a lot of the reviews seemed almost mediocre. Let me be clear this place is lovely and adorable and fun and cozy and the WiFi works REALLY WELL. It has a nice modern kitchen and roomy fridge and expandable dining table and seats and a washer for dishes and clothing. If you find anything wrong with this place is venture to say you should stay home until you acquire a sense of gratitude and romance. It really doesn’t need to be any better. It’s well rounded and I’d stay here again. Happily! As I stated grocery store right around corner, a spa, some boutiques a fed ex type of place for printing etc. anything you need and much more, if you wander you’ll find dozens of places and bakeries etc. A few negatives, I always post them publicly so the host is forced to address them. We were a party of 2 for 1 week and were given just 1 towel each, no big deal but we ought not have to ask for more just put extra linens. Communication was well enough, maybe a little spare at worse. They were sometimes slightly slow to respond although we only just thanked them or had menial updates. But we would have liked if they checked in and asked how we were just once maybe, it’s a sign of a good host. The hosts are friendly and kind and the house has all you need and more. The bed in the master isn’t uncomfortable, but it’s not the best mattress on earth. I slept well none the less. If you like a firmer mattress you’ll like this one. I was never sore at all and as I said I slept well so it got the job done. All in all I’d give this place an 8.5 out of 10, and in the 35 plus stays I’ve had with Airbnb around the planet this is in my top 5 for sure. You would be lucky to stay here, as was I, comfortably, securely, safely in charming Paris.
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